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Follow the coin's lines and curves, its raised devices and depressed fields, the way the light reflecting off the gold brilliantly elucidates the coin's design elements. Lady Liberty, fetchingly buxom and loosely clad in a flowing robe, is striding vigorously toward you, full of strength and confidence, a torch in one hand, symbol of intelligence and spirituality, an olive branch in the other, symbol of peace. Behind her rays from a rising run shoot up from the horizon. Forty-six stars nudge the rim of the coin, representing each state in the Union at the time.

The reverse is nearly as striking, with a large eagle in full flight, the eagle being the national emblem of the United States as well as a symbol of freedom and power from ancient times. Behind the eagle is more sunlight and a sun partially eclipsed by the coin's rim at the bottom.

The physical beauty of the coin can transport you beyond physicality. Its symbolism can move you through real to ideal. Its historical associations can take you beyond history, beyond time. The coin is timelessly evocative. When you seize upon it with your eyes, it just may take you out of yourself, to another place, not necessarily a physical place, but a transcendent place.

The coin is a Saint-Gaudens double eagle, or twenty dollar gold piece, commonly called a Saint and widely regarded as the most beautiful coin ever minted. This particular specimen is an Ultra High Relief Saint, a proof coin minted in 1907 that's so three-dimensional it's more a sculpture than mere coin. The specimen illustrated here was graded PR-69 by NGC, then PR-69 by PCGS, the only PR-69 Ultra High Relief Saint in existence, according to Heritage Auctions. This specimen sold, among other times, through auctioneer Bowers and Merena in 1997 for $660,000 and through Heritage in November 2005 for $2.99 million. That's a lot of






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